Building the future of ROME

At ROME, our dedication to innovation shows up in everything we do, from the lab bench to our company culture.

We Romans love the joy of pioneering a new frontier in biology and the challenge of unlocking a new class of therapeutics for cancer, autoimmune disease and more.

While our name pays homage to the spirit of innovation in ancient Rome, today our team of intrepid explorers is building the next iteration of ROME — with the vision of unlocking a vast new area of therapeutic possibility.

We are collaborative, curious, bold and driven. Above all else, we are passionate about illuminating the dark genome to improve the lives of patients.

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Our core values

Be Bold

We explore fearlessly.

Deliver Excellence

We execute strategically and with utmost integrity.

Care Deeply

We bring passion and empathy to our work every day.

“I came to ROME because I wanted to be part of a team that believes in strong scientific rigor, keeps a pulse on the company culture and is bold in its mission to help patients.” Sarah Knutson, Senior Director, Early Discovery
“Having self-driven colleagues collaborating to tackle novel biology is a wonderful environment to be a part of. It’s great to interact with this team of motivated scientists who are willing to take risks and think outside the box as we work toward a common goal.” Nafeeza Hafeez, Associate Director
“The best parts of my job are interacting with my colleagues and discussing enigmatic repeat biology with them. ROME has an innovative spirit and a fantastic ability to explore difficult-to-study biology.” Jess Floro, Scientist

Meet the Romans

Nicole Nicole
NicoleSenior Research Associate
Nicole likes to play in the garden and hang upside down practicing trapeze and lyra. She had dreadlocks for over two years, and once worked as a bartender in NYC.
Artur Artur
ArturSr. Data Scientist, Computational Biology
Artur has many hobbies, including backpacking, climbing, mixed martial arts and board games. He loves to dance and did Polish folk dancing for 10 years.
Nafeeza Nafeeza
NafeezaAssociate Director, Biology
Nafeeza’s secret talent is that she is an official cricket score keeper. She also loves to travel for food and soccer.
Mike Mike
Mike’s secret talent is his trivia knowledge. He’s also a huge soccer and rugby fan.
Shon Shon
ShonVice President, Medicinal Chemistry
Shon is originally from Utah and has now lived in seven different states. Shon enjoys all things outdoors, especially fishing.
Harry Harry
HarrySenior Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Harry is an unabashed fan of Yacht Rock and a lover of entertainment. He enjoys going to concerts, broadway shows, museums and movies.
Jared Jared
JaredScientist II
Jared’s secret talent is his ability to solve a Rubik’s cube. He also loves spending time at the beach.
Simon Simon
SimonPrincipal Data Scientist
Simon likes playing board games and basketball. Recently he is spending more free time cycling and reading.
Brittney Brittney
BrittneyExecutive Assistant, R&D
Brittney is an avid reader. She enjoys taking road trips with family and has driven down the East Coast three times. In her free time, she loves to run and spin.
Julie Julie
JulieData Scientist
Julie is an award winning* baker of macarons (*according to an office Halloween party in 2019) and she runs at least a 5k every day, and walks another 5 with her dog.
Shana-Kaye Shana-Kaye
Shana-KayeManager, Contract Specialist
Shana-Kaye is a cartoon and history fanatic! She was also a 100m sprinter back in her school days and her nickname was 'flying saucer'
Sarah Sarah
SarahSenior Director, Early Discovery
Sarah is in her happy place when baking fresh loaves of sourdough, buttery scones and other treats.
Ethan Ethan
EthanLab Operations Associate
In Ethan’s free time he enjoys woodworking and reading. He also loves running and all things outdoors – you’ll be hard pressed not to find him skiing in the winter and wake surfing in the summer!
Bryan Bryan
BryanData Scientist
Bryan has driven across country twice and is passionate about visiting every national park in the US.
Ivan Ivan
IvanPrincipal Scientist, Computational Chemistry
Ivan loves to travel with his wife and son. They have so far visited over 50 countries and Ivan has done the 4-day trek to Machu Picchu.
Ariele Ariele
ArieleDirector, Structural Biology
Ariele runs every day in any weather, averaging just shy of 6000 miles per year. He has a wonderful family consisting of his wife and two kids.
Hakan Hakan
HakanScientist I, Immunology
Hakan enjoys swimming, playing volleyball and going for runs to stay active. His favorite activity is walking by the ocean for all the fresh air and he is obsessed with Golden Retrievers!
Liang Liang
LiangSenior Director, DMPK & Clinical Pharmacology
Liang is an animal lover, especially small animals like cats and dogs.
Alive Alive
AliveDirector, Program Management – Early Development
Alive enjoys hiking and exploring new places. She lived previously in Europe and Asia. The photo shown here was taken in Rome, Italy.
Rebecca Rebecca
RebeccaAssociate Director, Human Resources
Rebecca loves cooking, food and traveling and tries to combine these passions as much as possible. Her most recent trip was to Gibraltar where a wild monkey jump onto her while on top of a rock!
Yuri Yuri
YuriAssociate Director, Cheminformatics
Yuri has three children and in his rare spare time, he enjoys gardening, fishing, cooking, reading historical novels and playing sports like tennis, golf and soccer.
Shradha Shradha
ShradhaSenior Research Associate
In her free time, Shradha likes to pencil sketch portraits of people, paint landscapes and sing Indian songs. Also, she's a big Indian filter coffee fan.
Nick Nick
NickSenior Director, IP Counsel
Nick is an avid runner and eight-time marathoner! He also loves music and can't pass a record store without doing some crate-digging to add some vinyl to his collection, which numbers in the thousands.
Erika Erika
ErikaSenior Director, Facilities Management
Erika loves being active outdoors, including hiking, running & biking. She also enjoys engaging in service and combines these activities as a volunteer instructor for the Appalachian Mountain Club.
Wilson Wilson
WilsonSenior Data Scientist
When Wilson isn't obsessing over his cats, he enjoys cooking projects and hikes.
Brian Brian
BrianSenior Research Associate
Brian once spent two weeks sailing around unpopulated islands in the South Pacific conducting oceanographic research.
Ozgur Ozgur
OzgurSenior Scientist, Target Biology
Ozgur loves cooking. Unlike doing experiments, he does not follow a recipe, which results in creative dishes that cannot be reproduced.
Liyang Liyang
LiyangDirector, Data Science
Liyang's past passions (before becoming a parent) include running, rock climbing and playing video games. She also once came in second in an impromptu mall hula-hooping competition.
Jess Jess
JessScientist I
Jess enjoys playing soccer and snowboarding. He also loves to travel and story-writing!
Nori Nori
NoriSenior Director, Program & Alliance Management
Nori likes to be active and spends time playing softball or mountain biking with friends.
Sandy (Alexander) Sandy (Alexander)
Sandy (Alexander)Senior Director, CMC
Sandy grew up year-around on Cape Cod and as a result he is a big Boston area sports fan, especially the Bruins. He enjoys camping, cooking and brewing his own beer.
Cedric Cedric
CedricData Scientist
Cedric likes 3-dan go, an Asian strategy game he's been playing since high school. He regularly goes to indie rock concerts and would love to hike the 22-mile Kalaulau trail in Kauai.
Alex Alex
AlexDirector, Data Science
Alex loves spending time with his wife and daughter and escaping NYC to go fishing and birdwatching.
Monika Monika
MonikaExecutive Business Partner
If Monika could be any animal, she would be an eagle so she could watch the world from above.
Ara Ara
AraPrincipal Scientist, Med Chem
Ara loves beaches and anything to do with the sun! He’s a huge 1980’s fan and is obsessed with the music, tv and overall culture of the decade, which has often made him a desirable teammate on trivia nights!
Jacob Jacob
JacobStaff Accountant
Jacob is a huge sports fan, particularly the Red Sox, and he even has a side job writing about the team. He also loves to run and completed his first marathon this past fall.

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