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Looking to join a team of passionate explorers? You’ve come to the right place.

At ROME, our dedication to innovation shows up in everything we do, from the lab to our company culture. We Romans love the joy of exploring a new frontier in biology and the challenge of bringing forward a new class of therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune disease. We are collaborative, curious, bold and driven. Above all else, we are passionate about our mission to harness the repeatome to improve the lives of patients.

We’re looking for talented individuals who care as deeply about our mission as we do.

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Our core values

Be Bold

We explore fearlessly.

Deliver Excellence

We execute strategically and with utmost integrity.

Care Deeply

We bring passion and empathy to our work every day.

“I joined ROME to have fun working with brilliant collegial scientists on novel biology discovering new drugs for the treatment of human diseases.” Donna
“We genuinely care and respect each other at ROME. Our leaders support this environment, with special focus on whole team integration while many are working virtually.” Monika
“I joined ROME because it's time to build genomic data tools that stop treating repeat DNA sequences as ‘junk.’” Menachem

Meet the Romans

Brian Brian
BrianResearch Associate
Brian once spent two weeks sailing around unpopulated islands in the South Pacific conducting oceanographic research.
Bryan Bryan
BryanData Scientist
Bryan has driven across country twice and is passionate about visiting every national park in the US.
Jared Jared
JaredAssociate Scientist, Biology
Jared’s secret talent is his ability to solve a Rubik’s cube. He also loves spending time at the beach.
Lixin Lixin
LixinDirector, Medicinal Chemistry
Lixin is a huge fan of hiking and likes to spend time doing work in the community helping others.
Tracey Tracey
TraceyAssociate Director, Business Operations
Tracey likes to spend her time painting or gardening. She is also ambidextrous!
Kate Kate
KateDirector, Intellectual Property Counsel
Kate loves to be active and is not afraid to tackle home DIY projects. Her happy place is on a mountain top or at the beach.
Jimmy Jimmy
JimmySenior Research Associate
Outside of work, Jimmy can be found watching movies, playing videos games or swimming.
Nisha Nisha
NishaSenior Director, DMPK
Nisha was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn. She was a competitive salsa dancer as a child and loves food, travelling, the outdoors, boats and being in warm waters.
Portia Portia
PortiaSenior Scientist, Biology
Portia loves to travel and once took a solo trip around the world in 80 days!
Nafeeza Nafeeza
NafeezaPrincipal Scientist, Biology
Nafeeza’s secret talent is that she is an official cricket score keeper. She also loves to travel for food and soccer.
Nori Nori
NoriSenior Director, Program & Alliance Management
Nori likes to be active and spends time playing softball or mountain biking with friends.
Mike Mike
MikeSenior Research Associate
Mike has a passion for cooking and learning new recipes, and is a big fan of gaming, video and board games. He hosts game night via Zoom a few times per month with his friends. Mike also enjoys driving up to Bar Harbor Maine and Acadia National Park whenever he can.
Monika Monika
MonikaExecutive Assistant to CEO/CSO
If Monika could be any animal, she would be an eagle so she could watch the world from above.
Julie Julie
JulieData Scientist
Julie is an award winning* baker of macarons (*according to an office Halloween party in 2019) and she runs at least a 5k every day, and walks another 5 with her dog.
Eric Eric
EricSenior Director, Structural Biology and Biophysics
Eric’s favorite trip he has ever taken was to London to hear his son sing in a choir at Westminster Abbey.
Mike Mike
MikeAssistant Controller
Mike’s secret talent is his trivia knowledge. He’s also a huge soccer and rugby fan.
Enrique Enrique
EnriqueDirector, Data Science
Enrique once fished over 100 sea urchins in a single day for research and culinary purposes. He is happiest when cooking for others outdoors on a warm day.
Daniel Daniel
DanielPrincipal Scientist, Immunology
Daniel’s claim to fame is that he was on “Reading Rainbow” as a child. When he’s not reading, you can find him cycling or cooking.
Erik Erik
ErikAssociate Director, Immuno-Oncology
Erik enjoys hiking and exploring new places with family and friends, introducing 1980s movies to his children on family movie night and he is learning to play the guitar.
Sarah Sarah
SarahSenior Director, Early Discovery
Sarah is in her happy place when baking fresh loaves of sourdough, buttery scones and other treats.

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We want our employees to thrive in all aspects of life, professionally and beyond. At ROME, we value health, well-being and benefits that support a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about what we offer:

Financial Compensation
  • Competitive salary, annual bonus & equity
  • Commuting & cell phone subsidies
  • Life & disability insurance
Health & Well-being
  • Comprehensive health benefits
  • Flexible work approach
  • Unlimited vacation
  • 12 weeks of parental leave
Beyond Our Walls
  • Community & charitable involvement
  • Commitment to equity, diversity & inclusion
  • Member of Life Science Cares & MassBio

Current Opportunities

Scientist/Principal Scientist, In Vitro Pharmacology
Associate Director/Director, Biology
Staff Accountant
Contracts Specialist/Paralegal
Director of Data Science, Computational Biology
Sr. Data Scientist, Computational Biology
Sr. Director, Medicinal Chemistry
Director, Medicinal Chemistry